March 4, 2024

9 things comedian Maraji didn’t know before she became a mother

Every mother can relate to one or two things from comedian Maraji’s list.

When it comes to motherhood, no two experiences are the same. In fact, no book can perfectly prepare a woman for motherhood as there would always be surprises. Each child comes with a new experience.

Comedian Gloria Oloruntobi also known as Maraji, recently got women talking when she took to her social media page to share the things she didn’t know about motherhood.

She wrote:

Things I didn’t know about Motherhood
1. I’ll have to trade my sleep
2. Babies want to be held all the time (so putting them down to sleep successfully is a skill)
3. Breastfeeding makes you hungry and thirsty every time ( especially those night feeds )
4. I’d smell like breast milk all day
5. My flat stomach will turn to a pouch
6. My nipples will hurt sometimes
7. Newborns eat every 2 hours ( mine eats every hour )
8. I’d cry some nights because of sleep deprivation
9. I’d love someone so much I’d do this everyday

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