March 4, 2024

Best Decision Ever! 8 Naija Women Excitedly Share Their Menstrual Cups Experience

No two women have the same period experiences, however, many would agree that menstruation is not a walk in the park. If a woman is not dealing with cramps, she’s concerned about not to staining herself. As a result, women are always in search of what or how to make their period experiences better.

Menstrual cups are fast becoming a popular alternative to sanitary pads and tampons as women are gradually subscribing to it. Small and flexible, a menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone that is inserted into the vagina to catch and collect period fluid. The cup can hold more blood and is often advised to women with heavy flow.

Are you skeptical about using a menstrual cup? These women’s stories would make you consider getting one.


They’re very comfortable once you learn to wear them correctly. Personally, I have heavy flow so tampons required changing every two hours for super plus and this is quite tedious. With a cup, I can go up to four hours before needing to empty during the heavy days and 8hrs on other days. They’re extremely comfortable and you don’t even notice them there except when they’re full. You’ll feel them sitting a bit lower thanks to gravity. You only need to purchase once every couple of years. so very cost effective. And you can easily pee and poop with them in without needing to change.


It’s the best thing that has happened to me. My cramps lessened. I can be on my period and open my leg waaaaaa and breeze will be blowing. I don’t need to wear panties. I don’t have to deal with the odor of blood on plastic/cotton for hours. No irritation between the thighs. No itching. You can totally make up and be dripping wet fluid (no blood) while on your period with the cup. Easy to use. No leakage if you have the right size and product. Not messy at all, as long as you have a working sink and running water. Cheaper than pads in the long run. I know I forgot many other advantages but ladies, menstrual cups is the best!


I used the Diva Cup. I’ve been using them since October. Best decision ever! I have extremely heavy periods. Rather than using tampon + pads and changing every 2 hours, I comfortably put in the cup and forget about it for up to 6 hours on days 1 and 2, and even longer if I need to on subsequent days. It fits much like a bra, negligible discomfort at the beginning, and then you completely forget it. Between cycles, boil for a few minutes and keep in the bag provided. No leaks if well inserted, combine with period panties and you would have done your deed in saving the planet.


The best thing after sliced bread! No rush to change pads. It’s not particularly easy for first timers but as you progress, there’s no going back. Getting the right cup size is very important. No foul smell, no irritation, no infection. It should be handled with utmost care. Make sure you always disinfect with hot water. Trust me, takes your period hygiene to the topmost bar. Most importantly, it is cheaper than pad. It can be used for up to 5years, depending on the brand.


That’s all I use. They are very comfortable when you insert them properly. Inserting it the first few times were difficult because it was strange and the first time I removed it, I was in the tub for like 20 mins but one and half years into it, I’m not going back to pads or tampons.


It’s the best thing that happened to me. I struggled with pads because every one I tried gave me rashes. I switched to Tampons and it was great, but I didn’t really like the idea of having something inside my body. I discovered menstrual cups like Mungo park. The cup is super comfortable. It doesn’t spill except it’s full. It’s more economical. I used to spend 3k monthly on Tampons, but I got 2 cups for 8k and they can last for 5 years at least. You’ll struggle with inserting it for the first few months but once you get the tricks it’s all over. Enjoy your cup like no tomorrow. Just sterilize after each use and keep it for the next month.


Best decision ever. It saves money and is very convenient, reduces cramps plus no adverse effect. I have converted plenty people and they enjoy the cup. I have heavy flow and combine all since changing it when I go out can be unpleasant in public bathrooms but when I am home, cup all the way.


The first time I found cups, I wondered how something that big would fit into my vagina.
It didn’t hurt the first time I put it in because you’re required to pinch a side in, so it forms a C with a rather pointy mouth, then you slide it in. It’s quite easy. I did it a couple times and got used to it.

Now, how do I feel when it’s inside? Nothing. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, I’m quite embarrassed by this, but the last period, I forgot it for almost a day. You wouldn’t know something is inside. It has a tail you can choose to cut. To remove it, you insert two fingers & gently pinch the bottom of the cup, then pull it out.

Speaking of which, these days when red guy is coming, I’m not thrown into depression worrying about sitting on stale blood anymore. When I do not have cramps, I forget I’m menstruating. No, it doesn’t leak – when inserted properly which you’d get good at after 3-5 trials – I don’t wear anything while menstruating anymore.

How it works: It collects the blood from inside, depending on the flow, it could be full in say 4-6hours. You put into your sink, rinse & reinsert.
Another reason I love it is, it’s cost friendly. One cup sells for just 5k and you can use it for years. How much is pad now? I’ve not bought one since last year May. Guys, I passionately recommend this because I love you. Walahi, if you start to use it, you’ll be praising God everytime you menstruate.

Watch this video to learn how to insert a menstrual cup:

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