March 4, 2024

Does Water Or Fruit Fasting Relieve Menstrual Cramps? These Naija Women Say Yes

A young woman called Sharon has said that consuming only water or fruits during menstruation helps to relieve menstrual cramps. She said one can start the fasting during menstruation or days before it shows up, noting that it is best to start before.

Fruit or water fasting is when one feeds on only water or fruits. According to online reports, fruit fasting is a natural healing method that intensively cleanses the body.

Women who have the same experience with water and fruit fasting attested to Sharon’s story, adding that their periods came out brighter.

Read their stories below:


The first time I had a pain-free menstruation was when I did a 7 days water fast. On the first day, I felt slight pain, the kind that signals you that your period is here. The days after, I felt NO PAIN or DISCOMFORT. It was so pain free that the only time I was reminded that I was on my period was when I used the loo.

Just when I thought it can’t get better, my period showed up during my 21 days fruit fast. My blood didn’t have that awkward ‘smell’: it smelt like pineapple (which I ate every single day of my fast). Not only that, the blood wasn’t dark and thick but light and red, plus I didn’t feel pain at all!

To make sure I wasn’t being subjective, i had three ladies fast during their period. One of them who’s a mother said all her life, she’s felt horrendous cramps during her period. It’ll be so bad she couldn’t ‘touch her daughter or do anything’ (her words). But when she fruit fasted for 4 days, she testified of how she had a pain-less menstrual flow for the first time!! 🤯.

Two other ladies testified in the affirmative: the cramps weren’t as horrendous as it was before they started fasting. I’ve read articles of ladies who had similar experience and I must say that this is not a hoax. Fasting does relieve menstrual cramps!


I can testify to this. I did water fast for 7 days sometime in 2019 ..if not for my calendar, I wouldn’t have known I was seeing my period soon.. I felt no premenstrual cramp. Even during the period, I just kept reminding myself I was on. It was so unbelievable… me that during my first two days it is always like hell for me.


This is so true…I went on an involuntary fast because of the wack food they served at the NYSC camp and my period was completely painless!

100% true. I did a fruit fast one time& when aunt flo came, there was no cramp AT ALL! I woke up at night waiting for the pain & it wasn’t there. I was just smiling in the middle of the night like, is this possible? The flow was bright red,no bloating,no back or leg pain, no chills too.


Very true. Whenever I do veggies and fruits I’m pain free during my menstrual period.


I can attest to this! Did a 4 days fruit fast during my period and I didn’t experience as much pain as I would normally.


I did it for my last and it worked. The pain pills didn’t but fruit and water yesss

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