March 4, 2024

Fatherhood the Movie: Shattering social constructs on parenting

SNTK believes books and movies that highlight social issues help people to be aware of the problems in their communities and know the appropriate action to be taken.

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I watched Fatherhood for the first time on a Saturday night in June 2021. Interestingly, the next day was Father’s Day, so, I wrote a review of the movie to celebrate men who are present and involved in the lives of both their kids and the ones in their communities.

One of the beautiful things about movies that highlight social issues is that they are not time-bound. I’m happy to republish the review of this beautiful and emotional movie on SNTK.

So, let’s talk about Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a true life story of a man Matt Logelin (played by Kevin Hart) who lost his wife 27 hours after childbirth. Against all odds and advice, Matt was determined to raise his daughter Maddy.

Guess what?

He did a great job.

Here’s what I learnt from the movie:

I love that Fatherhood shattered social constructs on parenting. In many societies, the burden of raising a child is often left for women due to the belief that they do a better parenting job than men or that men cannot raise children, let alone wholesome ones.

Sadly, a lot of women also push this idea.

“You think you can do this but you can’t,” Kevin Hart’s mother in-law told him after he insisted on raising his child and not leaving her for his parents or late wife’s family.

Kevin Hart’s response, “You’re right, I can’t. But, you know what? I’m going to do it because I’m her father” shows that the act of raising a child can be learnt and perfectly done by either of the parent.

I believe the only thing a man cannot give his child is breast milk. But thankfully, there’s baby formula.

The idea that a mother is the better parent puts a burden on women. It holds them back from achieving personal goals because they are left to cater to the wellbeing of their children alone. This also hinders the relationship a man should have with his kids. Providing for your kids does not mean you should be absent from their lives.

Men must be involved at the core of childcare. A man who is present and involved would understand the significance of family planning. He would push for an inclusive environment at his place of work (a male MD will not see anything wrong in the company having a daycare centre for female employees).

He would not take his full housewife for granted because he understands that raising a child is a full-time job. He would understand that he is as important to the wellbeing of his kids as his wife.

There are single dads who are doing a great job raising their kids. I follow a single dad of two on Facebook and I read his beautiful stories of parenting. We need to tell the stories of men like this. Men need to know that being involved and present in the lives of their kids is not a women-only duty.

A present and involved parent (dad & mum) equals a healthy society.

PS: Did I say Fatherhood got me teary? You should see this movie.

Watch the trailer below. You can still watch the movie on Netflix.

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