March 4, 2024

Nothing but chemicals: Twitter user warns African women as she lands in hospital after using popular sanitary pad


A 30-year-old Nigerian lady simply called A. Morgs recently got women talking about their menstrual pad experiences after she shared hers on Twitter.

A.Morgs said she was hospitalised after the Always sanitary pad she used stuck to her bum, leaving her with a serious bacterial infection and a life-threatening condition.

The young woman shared photos of herself while at the hospital and the doctor’s report to authenticate her story.

Read her story below:

A year ago today, I woke up with an Always pad stuck to my bum, after twisting during the night. This caused a rash the next day and after a weekend of pain, I was admitted to hospital with necrotising fasciitis and septic shock

To be clear, I never had rashes before. I wore the pad overnight as normal, the rashes formed the next morning and I haven’t worn a pad since then. The NF developed from that singular rash which I started treating immediately. NF is fast, Google it.

I couldn’t breathe, my kidneys were starting to struggle, my blood wasn’t flowing properly but my pulse was 145bpm. Even though I needed emergency surgery, my vitals were so bad that the doctors said I wouldn’t survive it.

I had a blood transfusion and was constantly pumped with drugs to get my blood pressure to increase because it was critically low. Finally, on the 20th May, I was strong enough to have my debridement surgery and get the infected tissue in my bum cut out.

I spent a total of 10 days in ICU and 7 days on the regular ward. In September, I had a follow up skin flap surgery to close the wound of the original surgical site.

I’ve seen a lot of women in Africa complain about how terrible Always pads are. Pads that I had been using in the UK for 14 years with no issues. I will never use their products again (not that my period has returned since then), and I advise all women in Africa to do the same.

It’s even the premium pack I was using. Not the cheapest one. Nothing but chemicals and bad vibes. Unfortunately for me, my period hasn’t returned since this happened. I think my body is traumatised still.

Women react

As expected, hundreds of women took to A.Morgs’ comment section to sympathise with her and also share their experiences with the Always sanitary pad, especially the ones sold in Africa.

Effie Raie:

I live in the UK too and used to use them frequently. But once while in Ghana my period surprised me while i was out so i was forced to buy some. I broke out in rashes wherever the pad made contact with my skin. Never ever experienced that in the UK. It was so painful.

Cici Maxwell Gaffney:

Oh my God! That’s terrifying! I hope you’re ok? You must’ve been so scared. I hate Always pads, refuse to use them. They left me uncomfortable and with a rash too. I’m using period pants these days and they are life changing.

Mary Odere:

I had these rashes too while using always. I had to stop using them completely. I’m glad you survived.


I noticed when I use Always pads that I would get a bad, painful rash. It’s not just that they’re bad in Africa, they’re bad product.


I’m so sorry to hear this. I also stopped using their pads officially 2 years ago. I have always used Always Pad and thought my stinging itching during period was normal not until my friend told me it wasn’t. Stopped using them and it’s been fine. The Always in Africa is a no no.

Saman Assefi:

I’m in the US and have the same burning rash near my bum as what others have described. I thought it was just me…now I know it’s actually Always products. It happens EVERY TIME I wear a pad for longer than 3 hours…so overnight is no longer an option. It’s horribly painful.

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