March 4, 2024

This book can help you have a comfortable conversation about menstruation with your daughter

“You are now a woman. This is the time to stop playing with boys because you could get pregnant.”

Those are the first words a lot of girls hear from the adults they share their experiences of menarche with. This is why many girls go through menstruation with little or no quality information about the normal biological process.

Thankfully, conversations are being had, books are being published, and social innovators are proffering solutions to the lack of access to sanitary products and quality menstrual education in Nigeria.

I was gifted with a book about menstruation and I decided to share it with you.

Instagram: @thebambinibooks

Written by Raquel Daniel, FLOW answers fundamental yet important questions about menstruation. I love that the author addressed the subject matter from a personal experience. This way, girls can understand and relate with it.

The conversational language, cartoon characters, font style, colour, pictorial representations of body parts, and sanitary products, among other things, make the book interesting to read.

Daniel included body affirmations and clarified myths associated with menstruation.

Some parents want to have the sex education talk with their kids but don’t know how to go about it. If this is you, FLOW makes having that conversation easier.

Flow is a must-read for parents and teenagers going through puberty.

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