March 4, 2024

Trokosi system: When girls pay for sins of male family members…

Like Cotton Twines is a 2016 movie about an American teacher who tried to save a female student from a religious custom called the Trokosi System.

The movie sheds light on the sad realities of thousands of girls and women in parts of Ghana, Togo, and Benin as Trokosi is still being practiced by various ethnic groups. Although it has officially been banned in Ghana, it still happens there and in other parts of West Africa but on a smaller scale.

In the movie, a hunter accidentally shoots a human while hunting late at night. Instead of reporting himself to appropriate authorities, he buried his victim. The village priest found out his crime and his daughter was sent off to the shrine to serve his punishment.

The young girl had to stop her education, became a slave, and then a wife to an old priest. She got pregnant, and died during childbirth.

Translated as slave of god, Trokosi is when virgin girls are forced to live, for the rest of their lives, with priests in shrines to atone for the sins of male family members.

Many of the girls are sexually exploited by the priests.

Everyday, we see and read stories of how girls and women are abused in the name of culture, tradition, religion, among other things. This and many more are the reasons we clamour for gender equality.

You can find the movie on @naijaonnetflix

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